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Studies have shown that 85% of Americans suffer from some type of back/neck pain. Left untreated, the problem worsens and can be debilitating, lessening the quality of life.
It has been shown that Chiropractic care is very effective in the treatment of most back pain.
Chiropractic is an Art, Science and Philosophy that deals with the direct relationship between the spinal column and nervous system. Chiropractors remove subluxations (vertebral misalignments). By freeing nerves from interference, your nervous system is less stressed.
Chiropractors work on extremities as well. Proper biomechanics is essential to proper function. With each joint in proper alignment, the body is able to function at maximum capacity.
Through a thorough orthopedic and neurological evaluation, most problems can be detected and treated conservatively. X-rays and other advanced diagnostic studies may be ordered to better assess condition and recommendations are made accordingly. Outside referrals are made as needed for additional treatment and co-management of cases.
Types of Treatment
Activator Adjustment – Primary

...  Instrument adjusting.

...  Safe, gentle and effective.

...  Can be utilized on all patients

...  Severe pain, Osteoporosis, Fear of manual adjustments

Manual/Hand Adjustment
Physio-Therapy – use of various modalities to facilitate healing process:
          ...  High Volt Galvanic Stimulation
 ...  Hot/Cold fomentation
 ...  Manual  therapy
 ...  Strength/Rehabilitative Training
Supportive Care
...   Supplements, Nutritional products
...    Back/body support/braces
CHIROKEI Wellness Services:
Second Opinions, Neurological Evaluations, IEP, Orthopedic Evaluation, Pre-Mid-Post Employee Screenings, Chiropractic Treatment,  Physical Therapy, (IME/ICE) Independent Medical/Chiropractic Exam, Worker’s Comp, Personal Injury, DOT Exams, Patient Advocate, Nutrtional Counseling, Weight Management, Health-Wellness and Preventive services.
To Become A Client:
  1. Download and Fill out Patient Intake Forms
  2. Make a copy of your insurance card  front and back so we can verify insurance
  3. Make a copy of your ID for verification
  4. Fax information to our office:  202.536.2478
  5. We will contact you for an appointment once information is received and verified
  6. All information is kept confidential
  7. Expect your first visit to be 1-1.5 hours. 
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