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Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness is part of the sum of total wellness of mind, body and spirit. It is essential for strong bones, muscles and connective tissue. Proper form and technique is essential to prevent injuries and maximize results. Our programs are designed to meet your goals and needs by incorporating the essentials for fitness. Wellness in this arena is achieved by;

...  Formulating a program

...  Implementing program

...  Aerobic, strength/resistance, stretching

...  Tracking and accountability


...  Cardio-respiratory health

...  Enhance Flexibility and Stability

...  Decrease incidence of falls

...  Helps increase mobility of limbs and back

...  Helps regulate blood sugar

...  Weight Management

...  Muscle Strength and Endurance

...  Reduces incidence/ Prevention of Osteoporosis

...  Enhances Posture

...  Decrease / Prevention of Depression


CHIROKEI Fitness has designed personal training services for individuals, groups and special populations. Functional exercises are performed to enhance (ADL) Activity of Daily Living.
Special Population
Special Population fitness is designed for clients who have undergone physical therapy and or are in need of additional strength training services.
It is estimated that by 2030, approximately 21% of Americans will be over age 65 becoming the fastest growing segment of the population. Due to the increased longevity, health professionals are looking for ways to maintain and improve the quality of life in the mature population.
CHIROKEI Fitness offers wellness programs to Senior Retirement Homes. Classes are fun, energetic and incorporate fitness routines that are functional and meet the demands of senior needs.
Research has shown excellent results in:
·        Decreasing age –related declines in physical function and performance
·        Increased muscular strength, endurance
·        Enhanced balance and flexibility
·        Improved Cardio-respiratory function
·        Improved bone density
·        Depression reduced
With the increase in exercise prescriptions and improved quality of life for the elderly, senior fitness is becoming more of a demand. Make CHIROKEI your #1 Choice in Fitness!
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Fitness and  Wellness programs comprise of:
  • Nutrition & Healthy Cooking Classes
  • Obesity / Weight management
  • Physical Fitness
  • Stress Management